Monday, January 10, 2011

Did you know that there are 2 Types of Cat Health Heart murmurs

As the veterinarian listens to the cat and the heart rate when they heard unusual noises, they may require more tests, but are usually diagnosed with a heart murmur. The veterinarian listens to the heart beat, heart sounds and rhythm of the heart is whether the abuse. Health care of the cat decides to any of these heart disease exists.
Types of Cat Health Heart murmurs Two species are physiological and pathological conditions. Physiological murmur cause fever or anemia is present. Pathological murmur results in disease affects the valves and heart muscle cat. Researchers find more information about testing cat health heart murmur.
Boston Animal Hospital to take a test and discovered that one hundred cats Twenty-one percent of cats had a heart murmur. Twenty-one percent of the four seven cats were echocardiography and six cats actually had a heart problem called cardiomyopathy hypertrophy. The results showed that healthy cats can be signs of heart murmur show, but without proper testing, results and the diagnosis is unclear.
Murmurs measured in numbers. Six different classes from I to VI grade VI, the most severe and Class I, mild. Vets class heart murmur, but the noise assessment is not the worst VI murmur is a cat.
Cat Health Questions murmurs Some pups are born in my heart whispers that disappears when they are six months. Occasional murmurs occur in cats appear healthy, but they can show signs of deterioration and discoloration of the skin and tongue. A cat that shows signs of illness may also experience a heart murmur. The only way to find a heart murmur exists, is to run the tests.
The only way to establish a class of heart murmur is an ultrasound. If your cat spayed, the veterinarian can not run the X-ray or ultrasound to determine how serious the heart murmur makes the cut. The cat came murmurs usually gets lower grade type, and the older cat heart murmur, which develops later in life.
For the most part the cat heart murmur does not need to type of treatment unless they are severe or cause other health problems. Cats are also possible, of congestive heart failure, but rare, can lead to ordering tests your vet for your cat's heart murmur. If you suspect your cat has a heart murmur, all you need to do the exam in the investment to identify and monitor sound advice on veterinary care your cat. The cat needs a healthy and happy life, and only you know your cat's personality and function.

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