Friday, January 7, 2011

Did you know Why Did God Create Cats?

What good are they? They get the best seat in the house. They sleep on the stairs, I step on them. Or they walk with me and get to the bottom of my steps and they trip me as I walk. So why would God create such a worthless creature?
Cats eat food. They defecate. They are all day wondering when we going to feed them. At least dogs wag their tails and show some emotions when interacting with you. Cats are generally ignore you unless they want something.
I even buried two kittens this year due to a stray cat that hangs around here has had kittens, but will not take care of it. He just left them to die. He is just food for the coyotes or what?
Have you ever tried to trick a cat on a train? You have successfully trained a cat to stay out of your garden? You can picture in your mind of a cat is everything you ask it to do? They just nice to be next to you when they are hungry, tired or cold. If not, they have better place to be.
Cats are such that fed. They want to be hot. They want to scratch something. And if you give them anything and they want to do what they show no gratitude? If so it would probably take the form of rubbing against your legs, which often means leaving fixed shedding hair on your clothes.
So why would God even create such a worthless animal? And why we like them? I think I found the answer. We like them because they remind us of ourselves. God created the cat so we could us her perspective to see us.
Some people just want to lie on the beach all day on hot days? (OK, maybe not in Ohio) Some people want someone scratching their backs? (I'm in!) Some people use sources that do not care given to them? (As of crab) How often do people get in the way of others and do not care if they bother them? (Think of driving) How often do some people always have the same expression on their face? (Disability-interest)
Do cats ever thank you? Do cats ever give to those who help them? Cats do anything that makes them proud of their owners to do? I've seen police dogs. I've seen dogs that lead the blind. I saw the hounds. But what a cat? Maybe God created cats only be used as an example of what not to.

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