Friday, January 7, 2011

Get insight on Cats tail and secrets behind it

Your cat's tail is used for more balance. Cats use their tails as a sign of emotion and communication, and also to report this kind of condition they
Remember the mood rings "trend in the 1970s? They did not return so long. Note how the ring changes color when our moods changed. Well, your cat's tail can tell us what kind of mood they are in you just know what to look for.
In a sense, our cats communicate with us at their tails. If we learn to recognize the different messages on their tails to send us, we can become a better communicator with our feline friends. We understand their thoughts and good feelings.
Here is a list of various positions in the cat's tail and what they mean. This is a general list of definitions. Remember, like everything in life there are exceptions to that means something. Are you ready? Let's get started.
Held High-A content cat will trust their tails in the air. A raised tail indicates generally a fun and friendly way. If the cat approaches you with their tails in the air and at the end of their tail quivers, it usually means he loves you.
Almost every time my cat Tabby Tiger sees me, her tail is quivering. This lets me know he loves me really.
Laying low A tail that is positioned downward, parallel to the legs, may indicate aggression. So when you see it, be careful when approaching the cat. Now, some breeds are an exception to this sentiment indicator. Some breeds tend to carry their tails down as Exotics, Persians and Scottish folds.
Question Mark -? When the tail is curved like a question mark, your cat is playful mood. It is a good time to find their favorite toys and play with them.
My tuxedo cat Midnight are known to show me this position of the tail when he wants to play. His favorite game is so much ball (remember I mentioned in another e-mail).
A tail-back in which is hidden under the body between the legs, says your cat is scared and nervous. You must be careful when you approach.
Motion-whip tail to and fro quickly may indicate the same fear and aggression. tail is said to stay away!
When the tail-twitcher to your cat shake the tip, which means they are in a strange and out of mood.
-A tail swishes slowly stirring from right to left usually means that their attention is focused on a particular point. They were shown the correct position before flowing tail on something ... as a stuffed cat, an insect, a moving object, etc.
All blown, I'm sure you saw the tail of your cat to a thickness, and it looks greasy and thick ... also called the head or big poofy. This means your cat is very angry, scared or afraid. Cats do seem to get bigger and more scary for other animals, usually other cats. It is a defense mechanism designed to confuse and deter potential aggressors.
Tail-tail of a cat when it wraps around the tail of another cat, he sure is a manifestation of feline friendship. It is a sign of affection.
Well there you have it. You only learned the history of the tail. These are the secrets of your feline friend is tryng to tell his / her tail.
position of the tail of study will help you better behavior under stand-cat. This will help you and your cat to approach. Pretty cool no?

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