Friday, January 14, 2011

Do you agree with me that more than one Cat at Home is always a trouble

Are you tearing your hair out because your cat in your home do not get along? Cats that fight? If you do, I can sympathize with you because it happened to us.
We have a beautiful cat that we named Figaro. He is a Tuxedo cat - black with white fur in her throat and all underneath, with white boots. We adopted him from a vet, where someone had left him the door in a cardboard box, along with two of his brothers. We called the vet at the request of a person we knew and were aware of their situation. When we arrived to pick up our newly adopted pets that were only as big as my hand, we saw the other two kittens and I said I was one of them. Oh, they had already found homes. So we took Figaro home alone.
As time passed, we began to wonder if the Figaro had a playmate, especially when on short trips. We talked about it sometimes, but it never went anywhere. I worked full time my husband, unless he was lucky to work from home. It seemed a natural way to treat him fall from the litter box. He took on the job without complaint and Figaro idolized him, and he loved Figaro. As time went by, we occasionally raised the issue of a companion of Figaro, Figaro, but it was one year and a half or more.
On one day we took him to the vet for his checkup and there was a kitten in a large pen next to the waiting room. They had a home for him, they told us. Well, without much thought, we immediately decided to take him. We never asked ourselves if we were in for trouble with two men at different ages, so called to live together. It seemed to us that not even the time of the house Figaro and his master's attention to himself for almost two years had.
And so it began. The new kitten soon took the cat. He was very playful and would Figaro jump with his legs. Figaro acted afraid of him, though Kitty was half his size. I had forgotten what a handful a kitten could be. We named him Rusty because of its orange color. Rust like to climb up the wall, so little holes in them. He managed to jump up on chairs with leather-covered seats. From there he would jump on the dining table. He left long scratches on the tree. Figaro has withdrawn. Rusty took the cat toys that we kept in a wicker basket on the floor. Figaro was clearly dissatisfied.
He stopped sleeping in his bed, and we wondered why, until we found it soaked and smelled of urine. I thought the kitten had done. We threw it in the trash. Then one day I was cleaning the carpet in the living room and sills to the floor vacuuming. What I found was a pile of what should have been in the litter box. What I do not understand is that I kitten consistent use of the hill seen, so why should he when it expires?
Then it struck me that I had not seen Figaro ever use the litter box because we brought Rusty home! It was the Figaro, die had destroyed his own bed and clutter under blankets. Things went from bad to worse. Figaro was no longer run away from Rusty. Actually, now that Rusty tried to play with him, he would whack Rusty with his legs.
After 3 weeks I could not stand it anymore. My cat was unhappy and my house was destroyed little by little. I called the vet and explained my situation, apologize for having to admit that I had given up and had to take the kitten back. The vet was very understanding and said not to worry, they already had someone willing to take a kitten for their little girl.
I've learned that I obviously lacked much knowledge about cats and how these problems. The good news is that within a few days Rusty will be removed from the house, Figaro was on his way back to his old self. We had cleaned carpets. Figaro with his litter box again. Everything was right again.

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