Friday, January 14, 2011

Understand everything well before you declaw your cat

Often, cat owners complain about their cats ruin their furniture or tear their blankets and curtains. It can be a real problem. One option that might come to mind is to have the claws of the removed pet. But there are many things you may want to consider before you choose to have your pet go through this procedure.
Declawing cats is a process where the end portion of the fingers in the cat's leg was removed by surgery. Technically this is known as Onychectomy and it is a much more complicated than what most people think. If you are among those who believe that this process has only just cut your nails, here are some points you might want to know.
Unlike other animals, cats use their feet to support their position and keep their body weight. Any activity that engages them to use their legs to climb trees or run will need to support their toes gives. This is because cats are said to be digitigrades which is a classification of the structure of their bodies compared to their locomotive function. Cats use their tracks with their fingernails to move freely.
Cats need their nails, so when they move, their backs are tendons, ligaments, bone, muscle, and other components supported in equilibrium. Cats Declawing means removing a very important part of their body, and complications such as bleeding, you should not heal bones, deformed limbs and other unpleasant conditions may occur. To a degree, can conduct cats also be affected by this process.
This can Declawing Cats be a problem for them is something that can change the overall condition of your pet. Some are deluded by the idea that this is a very simple process, but the truth is there are a lot of complications attributed to surgery. To remove the nail permanently, the vet had to cut a whole section of bone at the end of the cat's toe up to the joint that connects them.
Even if surgery is done with surgical anesthesia for animals, some people believe that the process is cruel and should be condemned. Indeed, in some parts of the USA, there are states that ban the procedure because of its very disturbing character. With this, it is advisable to consider other options to prevent nuisances that your cat can give your home because of her nails.
Declawing cats is not recommended by many veterinarians, unless there is a genuine need for such a system (as in the case of tumors). If your reason to have your cat's nails removed is that it's starting to tear up everything inside your home with her sharp claws, maybe you just want to have your cat groomed nails as this is not sharp enough to punch holes in the couch . You can also try taking your cat a scratching post to divert his attention from your favorite wooden chair.

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