Friday, January 14, 2011

Things that you can do to make your stressed cat more relaxed and reduce their stress level

You know kitties experience emotional stress, the same number of people can? Too much emotional stress can be a problem for the cat in different ways. Symptoms of stress and anxiety in cats can include overstimulation or fatigue, hair pulling, changes in eating habits, urinating or defecating outside the litter box, meowing loud, and others.
The good thing is you can make a series of simple things to reduce stress on your cat endures. This will help both of you feel much better. Here are some tricks to eliminate stress on your cat.
Tip 1: Take good care of the basics
The easiest thing you can do to reduce the stress of your cat is to make sure the essentials are taken care of. This is may seem easy, but make sure the cat has enough water and food and a new litter box in a nice way to go.
There are many tactics you can use the diet and may need to experiment to find out what works well with your cat. If your cat eats every day, consider a heavy meal at breakfast and one dinner meal. Or you can try feeding every day, but the change in the evening instead of morning (or vice versa). For many cats, a diet during the night can help calm them before bed, so it may have an added advantage for you. A special scheme to stay away from it to feed your cats ever - leave a bowl out all day is not good for your cat, because they tend to eat way too much and become obese .
The siting of litter and litter boxes are also something to think about. Usually, you'll need at least one litter box per cat. If you have more than one floor in your house, consider placing a litter box for cats to every story, no less than one for each cat. Make sure you choose a basic cat litter box with no gizmos such as entrance doors or sweeping mechanism that can threaten your cat and make sure you scoop every day. Additionally, you can use an all natural cat litter to help encourage your kitten to use litter boxes, and to help keep healthy too.
Tip 2: Never forget that playing time
All cats - including mature kittens - enjoy the opportunity to play. With 15 minutes of your day to entertain your cat will do wonders to help reduce their stress. Playtime activates the brain of your pet and give them the exercise that normally would not get.
There are plenty of cat toys on the market to choose from, and should really have a great diversity. Laser mice are a fantastic, accessible game enjoyed almost all of the cats, but should be careful not to point the beam in the eyes of your pet. Many products of kittens love catnip, especially stuffed catnip mouse games. Some cats are indoor only even touch the mouse game just like a real mouse, giving you a "gift"!
You can also create handmade cat toys from objects in your home with items found. Kittens love old cardboard containers, so when you find a box of your kitten will be fit to give this to entertain me. Staple a piece of string around a stick yet another good idea. If it is convenient and the service, you can create your cat a scratching post or kitty home with some very old wood and carpet.
Tip 3: Make sure your kitten will have company
Although kittens may seem bleak, many of them as companies, especially when the company is human company. Kittens that owners are not home often is often pointed out just by themselves all day. If you only have a cat and go too often, consider getting a second cat (or even a puppy!) To help each other company. It is clear that the kittens have to get together and may need time to happen, but spending time and effort to adopt your cat a feline friend is definitely worth it.
If you are traveling for a living, you are probably familiar with the outside or leaving extra food and water for your cat, or should have embarked on leave for longer. Alternatively, consider a cat sitter. Cat sitters are often cheaper and always come to your house to give food and spend leisure time with your cat while you are gone. No need to worry about driving a boarding facility for cats and kittens are usually much less stressful.
Tip 4: Consider using a pheromone diffuser
If you've tried the other ideas and your cat still continues to have problems with anxiety and stress, consider a pheromone diffuser. Pheromone diffusers plug into an electrical outlet and emit a natural fragrance that relaxes your cat. You are not able to detect the pheromone, but the kittens are really feeling more comfortable. If you choose to try a diffuser, make sure you read the instructions and diffusers buy enough to fill the positions that your cats spend most of their time. These devices can really make a difference for over-stressed kittens.

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