Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do you want to know what are the common Cat labor signs

So your cat is pregnant for a while now and become rounder and rounder. Suddenly her whole attitude changes and you stand there, wondering if it is real - is your cat on the labor market?
Are her kittens?
How can you tell?
What are the signs of labor you should look at?
Cat lovers around the world to do their utmost to ensure that their beloved pets will receive the best care possible.
But when our feline friends are sick - or in this case is due to give birth to kittens - we begin to feel very anxious and out of control when we realize that we just do not know enough about the situation.
After all, we can not all vets! You should know what to look out and you should soon know.
Your cat is because of the contractions going around the 64th day of pregnancy, but it is very unlikely that you will be that accurate in your calculations. Instead, you rely on your ability to take stages of her pregnancy and impending work to read.
First you have probably noticed that your cat's appetite has almost doubled in the last few weeks and you will be able to see her babies moving in her stomach ready.
Also, they appear nesting behavior - looking for a safe, warm and quiet place to feed. Hopefully you have already given an appropriate incubator for her to use, otherwise you may find that she has chosen to give birth in the middle of your bed!
So, as your cat approaches the start of her work, her appetite reduce dramatically. It may even disappear altogether.
Another sign of labor your cat is that they are very affectionate and wants to be around you constantly looking for your love.
As they get closer to the time when her labor begins in earnest, you will discover that your cat starts pacing about, appearing nervous or particularly excitable.
Another very clear signs that your cat is very close to going into the workforce is that they begin to 'call' to you. Even if you've never been a cat giving birth, you will not be able to see this specific error sound!
As time draws near, you see your cat repeatedly lick her buttocks when she responds to changing sensations in her body as it prepares for the birth of her kittens.
And finally, if you soon - to - be mother cat begins to feel the first stabbing of her work, she seems to be choppy and will often go in and out of her nest box, 'Enter' on nesting material, you have been given.
If you see this last behavior, you can be pretty sure that your dear cat is the first phase of the birth process number - your cat work has begun.
Finally, so if you find yourself confronted with a pregnant cat and want to know when things start to move, the previous seven characters give you a good guide to follow.

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