Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Is it true that rustic cat trees are better than other types of cat furniture

The rumor is that these days rustic cat trees are better than other types of cat furniture. Let's face it, it's an exciting idea that our indoor kittens did the same sensation as their outdoor cousins, but without any risk. Is it true? Let's take a look and find out.
It has been said that if you build a cat furniture from the carpet panels only your cat to scratch on your furniture and carpets to teach. So you should instead build rustic cat trees.
From my own personal experience and that many of my cat loving friends, I know this is totally wrong. All my cats over the years has taught at a very young age that things are okay to scratch and there are things it's not OK to scribble.
Liberal use of catnip (whole leaf or oil) on the object you want your cat to use them continue to scratch the right things and away from your furniture.
Another thing we often hear is that rustic cat trees is easier. The truth is building rustic cat furniture of any kind is harder than building the more traditional sort, because you're dealing with wood in its natural state. It must be cut, dried, etc debugged before you can even start building your cat tree.
And remember, because branches are not standard sizes will be much harder to get things to work the same way.
Rustic cat trees are simply cheaper to make. This depends largely on you. If you harvest and prepare your own wood and do not need a class in how to use it, so yes, it would be cheaper to make a rustic cat tree than a more conventional. Heck, even free. But if you can not access or ability to collect and treat your wood ... It can be a very expensive project.
Classes offered by run about $ 300 per day. To buy a finished Scratching Post rustic log of them go between $ 200 and $ 300 A real tree is about $ 1,800 and up. It is far more than most traditional cat trees costs.

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