Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Here are some basic tips on Heart worm medicine for dogs

Heart worm medicine for dogs is one of the most essential things that every dog owner should keep in mind. As pet lovers we have a lot of things, especially as regards the health of our pets. Heart worm disease is one of the most dangerous diseases that your dog can get. But with the rapid current technology, many experts have discovered medicine that can cure this disease. Heart worm medications are known to be effective as they struggle worms lurking around the heart and blood flow of your dog.

Same with humans, animals get sick from bacteria and viruses through bites from infected mosquitoes. The bacteria or worms have been transmitted to the bloodstream, which gets at the heart of your dog. By keeping your home and backyard clean, it is possible that the increase of infected mosquitoes as much risk, not only for your pet but for your entire family. As we all know that prevention is better than cure, which is why it is best to get things done before he can harm.

But if your dog is already infected with heart worm disease, go to your vet for heart worm medicine. Today a lot of effective drugs are discovered, but you should always ask your vet what the best medicine, you should buy. Some examples of heart-worm medicine are listed below;

Iver Heart Plus - If your dog is very sensitive to what he eats, you might consider these compounds. It is available in pork liver flavored chewable tablets, pills, so you will not allow this problem to your dog. You can mix their usual meal, but make sure that in mind, and the dose of this drug to keep. The common dosage of zeal Heart Plus for dogs weighing about 25 pounds 68mcg/57mg, for dogs between 26-50 pounds, the perfect dose 136mcg/114mg, and for dogs weighing 51-100 pounds, dose 272mcg/227mg. But for dogs weighing over 100 pounds have a mixture of eagerness Heart Plus pills.

Heartgard - This heart worm medicine for dogs is available as unflavored pill. Ask your veterinarian about this pill before your dog. Age and weight of your dog needs to know how much they can take the dose. But to give you an idea of the common dose of Heartgard for dogs over 25 pounds more or less than 136 mcg and 68mcg for dogs weighing between 26-50 pounds and for dogs weighing 51-100 pounds is 272 micrograms.

Interceptor - This is a second heart worm medicine that you would regard them as medicine has been approved by the FDA. This product is also available in flavored chewable pills for the convenience of both owner and pet their dogs.

Heart worm medicine for dogs is a must in your first aid kit, if your pet is a part of your family, consider their health as well. Make them the love and care they need is what makes them happy feeling, and will the loyalty that you deserve it.

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