Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Get an insight on some common symptoms of Liver disease in dogs

The liver is an important part of the body which helps in getting rid of toxins to help you stay healthy and the body of the dog is no different.

Liver disease in dogs is a very broad topic, especially because there are so many different ways that a dog can contract this disease. While people leading cause of liver disease of addiction and / or alcohol, the dog is mostly caused by viral or bacterial infections, making it even harder to resist and all the more tragic.

Other sources of liver disease in dogs may also be toxic materials that can be ingested by your dog, a heart that has changed the flow of blood to the liver, and even had the disease. There are also breeds that have a problem in excrete copper, such as Bedlington and highland terriers and it makes them more susceptible to liver disease in dogs.

What you should do is to remember that many dogs liver disease symptoms and always keep an eye on them. Many symptoms are signs of liver disease in dogs, especially when you observe these symptoms together. Loss of appetite and sudden dramatic weight loss, lack of energy and seemed to depression, and jaundice, or what is the yellowing of the gums, whites of the eyes and even skin are among the most common symptoms.

Other symptoms that are not as common, but it would nevertheless appear that things like dark urine or pale gums. Moreover think if you've noticed that your dog has gained weight, but it's all in the stomach, then it is possible that it will not gain weight at all but is actually fluid accumulates in the stomach.

Unless there is a certain type of poison that can be defined as a cause of liver disease in dogs, no specific treatment can be given. However, there is a form of therapy used for this type of pain in canines. Conventional therapy consists of a type of supportive therapy. This includes the introduction of intravenous fluids and force feeding through a gastronomy tube. This treatment of liver disease in dogs is apparently to cleanse the liver.

Of course, additional treatment is also done by the type of diet given to the dog follows the conventional treatment. The best kind of food that should be of high quality and highly digestible carbohydrates. It's the dog's energy is renewed. It is extremely important that you use a high quality carbohydrates, such low quality carbs can definitely make the dog liver disease much worse by making it more difficult decomposition of ammonia. Make sure to have frequent feedings of simple carbohydrates, such as plain white rice and boiled potatoes. Fiber, such as leafy green vegetables are an important part of the diet because it promotes healthy bowel movements.

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