Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Learn an easy way to help your puppy getting Potty trained

Potty training for dogs is probably the first type of training that most new dog owners to ask about. After reading about or hearing about dozens of different approaches, the choice is somewhat confusing. But the principles behind training a dog are all basically the same.
First, you can forget the old school negative training methods. Kill the dog with a newspaper or rubbing his nose in his feces in the past methods have proven counterproductive. They just do not work as well as the positive training methods, not using them. And you do not puppies under 8 weeks old, because they are not physically developed enough to control all demolished.
The specific training procedure using a system of rewards to shape the desired behavior, they are more effective long-term motivation and allow you to house train your dog in a few weeks. However, you must be prepared to commit to doing everything within your power to the project house training a success for you and your dog during training. Do not worry, it's not hard, it just requires patience, consistent behavior on your part and a lot of close observation of your dog for a few weeks.
Here's how it works. Take your dog outside to the potty area, you can reward him with his favorite food treat when he pees or removal, and give him lots of verbal praise, too. Give him about 5 minutes to browse around and do his thing. If he did not praise him, and certainly not to punish him.
Get him back in about 10-15 minutes, and then returned to take her out to try again. If he still does not go potty, keep taking him out 10-15 minutes until he finally goes potty. And be sure to verbally praise him and treat him as he was when he was done immediately.
Now your task is to learn his body language so you can see when the urge to eliminate. When you sign to see him outside, praise him and reward him for a job well done. Within a few weeks, she will find him, allowing him his reward. And you will know his signals so you can help him succeed. With only a short time commitment, you're a pro at potty training for dogs.

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