Tuesday, January 4, 2011

If cats can sense when someone is dying, what are the implications for the future?

If cats can sense when someone is dying, what are the implications for the future?
I recently read a news report in the Telegraph published in Britain on a cat that can detect when patients in nursing homes near death. For five years, Oscar, a cat on the general antisocial Steer House Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre, which gives patients with severe dementia in Providence, Rhode Island, where people would die suddenly socially. Normally, Oscar, who was adopted as a kitten from the center, about the pace from room to room no attention to anyone but a few hours before a patient has died, he would jump on the bed of the patient.
Actually, according to Dr. David Dosa, a geriatrician and assistant professor at Brown University who followed this case and wrote about in his book, the extraordinary gift of ORDINARY CAT published by Hyperion in 2010: The Making of OSCAR rounds cat was more accurate than nurses. Once, when the nurses placed him on the bed of a patient they thought had to die, Oscar jumped out of bed and jumped on the bed of another patient. While the other patient died a few hours later the same evening, the first patient was two days.
In light of Dosa's, was the cat able to observe the closure of death because he, like dogs, smelling ketones, which are the biochemicals that dying cells release. Moreover Dosa took Oscar perception of a coming death consolation to the relatives and friends of the dying patient because he would be there when they could not when the patient died.
Now I think it's pretty amazing and has implications for future development.
First, if a cat has this ability to sense an impending death, especially other cats do, or capability can be developed by them treats when they are correct identity when a patient is dying. Then this unique talented cats are available to nursing homes, hospitals and hospices to help doctors and nurses know when patients die. About these cats can be made available to terminally ill patients to help them better prepare themselves by knowing death is near.
Secondly, these cats a warning that some people could save him from death. For example,. If a cat senses that someone is about to die and curls up next to this person, a doctor or nurse who sees this behavior could intervene to that person with some last minute life-saving measures to save this person to bring back After all, there are many examples of people who experience near death experiences and be revived. Maybe cats can help identity as patients near death who may be building momentum.
Thirdly, if you normally detached and distant cat suddenly becomes very friendly and curls up beside you, maybe it would be an early warning sign that an unknown dangerous condition that you better be checked out. After all, if cats can sense a coming death maybe they can start to feel serious health problems, too. And maybe at some point, doctors and nurses could begin with these cats to help them diagnose the severity of the conditions of a patient.
Actually lawyers if they have something to say about this, doctors and nurses needed to do this as part of a standard diagnostic practice in the future. And this cat will use the concept to do a CAT scan a whole new meaning. For now there will be CAT scans and CT scans, with cats to do their own type body scans.
And maybe, when someone close to dying, if they wish, they can be a cat application as pets to help them feel better as they pass over to the other side - a bit like rely on Charon, the ferryman in Greek mythology, taking them across the river Styx. Think of them as cute cat curled up like modern boats helping patients to comfortably cross the other side.

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