Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Insight on Cat Constipation Symptoms and their Preventive Measure

If you thought that constipation is a purely "human only" disease, then you can not be further from the truth. Cat constipation problems are fairly common and there are several reasons behind a cat gets constipated. The reasons may be poor nutrition, dehydration, hairballs, tumors, and weight. Constipation in cats can also be caused by a lack of daily exercise. This article discusses some of the symptoms of constipation cat and a number of preventive measures pet owners can take.
There are about three different stages of cat constipation, your pet may suffer. These include constipation, constipation and megacolon. While at the scene of constipation, your cat does not pass a gut for a particular day, the cat is suffering from a more serious obstacle in case of constipation. Megacolon far, it would mean that a complete blockade of surgical treatment. To get the right diagnosis, take your cat to a veterinarian as quickly as possible.
There are some signs that the owner would help to identify constipation in cats. The cat may have discomfort while passing bowel or from behind to show courtesy to lick. Crying, while in the litter, vomiting, weakness and lack of appetite all indicate constipation. Sometimes diarrhea with blood stains indicate that disease. Although it is not necessary that your cat will have all these symptoms at the same time, but the possibility can not be excluded completely. So make sure your pet to a veterinarian without losing much time, when you see the cat constipation symptoms.
All veterinarians suggest that in the event of a domestic cat, constipation can be prevented and successfully treated. But the owner should be alert enough to detect the disease at its nascent stage. The disease, you need a balanced meal to give your cat. You must also ensure that the cat is getting enough fluids, including water.
Take the cat to exercises on a daily basis. It's a good idea to have a separate enclosure for the cat, where it may settle as much as it can play. Exercises will help with digestion. A cat with a broken pelvis cats can also suffer from constipation. It may be a good idea if you can see if the cat has been involved in an accident

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