Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Did you know that Not all cats are allergic to fleas

Not all cats are allergic to fleas. Some of them are clearly associated with the whole horde of fleas on their coats with no ill effects. Give them some time already, and they can quickly become anemic from blood-sucking fleas show this trend. On the other hand, it is not hard to find a cat that is allergic to fleas - it may be one of the most common allergies out there. As hard as you try as an owner's cat, it may be difficult for all fleas on your dog's fur to be found, even if your cat was last hold-cats grooming themselves and they can quickly remove any sign of fleas to be right down there. For a cat who is really allergic to fleas, it can not be more than a single bite of a flea to set off a horrible reaction - a reaction that could bring in many additional infections with it. A cat who is allergic to flea saliva can scratch the skin raw - until he scratched the fur right. If it does, can quickly contract flea allergy, a disease that can spread over the body of the cat is much to her consternation.
How do you know that your cat a case of flea allergy? You know when your cat is like chewing on his tail right off if it keeps chewing on his paws, and then wound on her body in places where the flea has bitten. The first thing a veterinarian will do if your cat to take to the coat thoroughly examine for signs of flea infestation. Doctor will look at any patches of itchy or inflamed skin - patches filled with rash. Once a diagnosis of flea allergy is confirmed, the doctor will check whether a secondary bacterial infection that has left dermatitis. If such an infection, your cat probably go to a course of antibiotics. Flea allergy dermatitis can also bring on bring on the mushrooms scratches.
Sometimes your doctor about quick release to the entire flea bite and scratch cycle, something like prednisone, a steroid medication to prescribe the cat to bring some quick relief from any scratches bring. If your cat is not a flea infestation, you would do well to flea powder and other monthly flea control medication used to keep fleas at bay. But fleas love it when it is damp. If you happen to live in a coastal area near a big lake, you will probably want to be very aggressive with your flea prevention regimen.

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