Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tips on things you can do to make your cat stop from Peeing

There is nothing more frustrating than having a cat may decide that the cat is no longer acceptable. If the cat instead pick up your quilt or blanket in your room, you have a serious problem on their hands to be sorted out soon.
The first and most important step for your cat to stop peeing on the carpet for him to the vet for a checkup. You must first rule out a medical reason behind his inappropriate urination. It is very common in males of a blockage of their urethra, which can quickly become life-threatening form.
Let this not be done by him to the vet in time!
Your veterinarian will want to know if your cat has a constant supply of fresh water. It is crucial, just like us humans, the cat is drinking enough fluids to his system afloat.
If your cat has a blockage in his urinating on the carpet is his only way of telling you something is wrong. Make sure you listen to these messages and quickly help relieve your cat's anxiety.
Under normal circumstances, your cat will use his tray and clean. Cats are carefully bred animals and would normally not urinate outside their litter box, unless something was wrong.
The vet will also possibly your cat on a special diet that the amount of urine crystals that may form in your cat's urethra decreases. This food does not cost more than the normal black and can do wonders for the health of your cat urine.
My wife and I took our cat to the vet on an afternoon after finding a wet spot on our Comforter. It appeared that he had a blockage and was placed on a special diet where he remains to this day. The thing is, this was not his first attack of "inappropriate urination".
A few years before we brought home a Golden Retriever puppy, cat and we immediately decided that she was not welcome. How did he protest? You guessed it already
This time it was on the couch cushions. We brought him to the vet and he said everything was fine. We did not know what to do until we found Were it not for the advice we got there, we probably would have had to give our beloved cat and everything we tried seemed to make things worse.

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