Monday, January 10, 2011

Things you should know if your cat has a habit of peing in carpet

There is nothing so offensive as the smell of cat urine. If you have guests for dinner and they greeted the pungent smell of ammonia when they walk through the door, shame is enough to make you want to scream.
In this article I will discuss the three keys to stopping your cat's pee on the carpet.
One of the first things to check where your cat is currently set up. Cats are very particular about where their waste is easy and can decide that a better location to find if there is something wrong with them.
Make sure the litter box too close to their food and water. It should be in another room entirely. Also, do not put it in a high traffic area where your cat misses the privacy they need to relieve himself.
Another thing you should look at is the type of litter you use. Try experimenting with different types. Try clumping vs. non-clumping. Try fine compared to large grains. Generally try to avoid scented litter brand. Pleasing to the nose smells what the person is likely to hurt a cat.
The third key that are not quite as easy to define but is just as important psychological stressors. If there are any changes in your family as a recent move or a new pet introduced, they all have an emotional impact on your cat's wellbeing.
Monitor your cat closely for signs of stress and do your best to eliminate them for your cat to stop urinating on the carpet - or anywhere but the litter box.
Litter box location, type of litter and stress are important factors for the three cats that pee on the carpet. Put this knowledge to use and avoids magastos lessons, as my wife and I had to pay for our cats.
Our cat has cost us thousands of dollars when his pee rotted through the floor and even ended up damaging our neighbor's ceiling. We knew we had something drastic if we do not want to give our cats, despite the impact he had on our finances do.

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