Monday, January 10, 2011

Tips on things you can do to create a nice and comfy home for both both you and your cat

If you want your cat to enjoy life with you as much as you enjoy life with her, there are a few simple things you can do. These things can make your cat happier, but also to strengthen your relationship with her.
Creating a cat friendly environment
Granted, if your cat has a loving home, she has a beautiful location, but indoor cats are craving a cozy place to sleep, things to climb on and places to hide. Cats love to look out the window and sit in the sun With some of these things easily accessible your cat will be happier, and you and you can be when they will probably try to find them anyway. By creating this space for her that she can not get into things you do not want them if they want to try these things anyway.
Space and Respect Her need for love
If your cat is hiding somewhere, or they are sleeping or hiding a noise if they are there. Wait for her to arrive on their own instead of trying to drag her out of her room.
The same can apply when it comes to give her affection. Sometimes forcing affection can turn into a bad interaction. If they eat or play it probably does not want affection. You can invite her by holding out your hand to see how it reacts. When your cat, you can tell when they are in a loving mood or feeling annoyed at - twitching tail is a sure sign that they are not in the mood. Remember, when you're doing something you do not want them or bother you, for example, if you concentrate on something on the computer that you do not want them running the entire keyboard or face on the screen to get attention.
Cat Playtime
It is also important to regularly play with her. Not only is it fun for her, but it is a good way for her to get needed exercise. Play stimulates her mind means that they are not things you do not want her in later. It is a fun way to be with her.
Fun things to do at home for your cat
Bring nice things to her when you get home may be particularly important for a strictly indoor cat. Outward things seem particularly interesting for a cat, a few things like dry leaves, a stick or a pine cone. Cat Toys are fun, but simple steps you can take home with them to explore and play. Outdoor articles are full of scents and they often make great cat toys.

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